Dermafil Casali Plays a Leading Role in the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Works in Chile

An important testing ground for Casali’s Dermafil in Chile: Dermafil has been chosen for the reconstruction of infrastructures destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquake which struck this South American country in 2010. Works started in April on the Higuera and Las Mercedes viaducts which were completely reconstructed with Dermafil 40250 GS Pol 4 mm. Dermafil 40250, a bestseller of the Enduring Quality range, was chosen to restructure the viaducts because of its specific technical characteristic which ensure durable waterproofing and protection from mechanical and chemical aggression to which structures of this kind are subject. Optimisation of the polymer bitumen compound promotes adhesion of the membrane to the concrete deck while high grammage reinforcement strengthened by glass fibre ensures resistance to mechanical load and perfect waterproofing stability. The subcontractor who carried out the works confirmed these characteristics saying that it was well satisfied with the performance of Dermafil 40250 and defining it “a product of excellent quality, and undoubtedly the best we have ever used for this type of waterproofing. In addition to being easy to lay, what really makes the difference is its exceptional adhesion to the deck and excellent performance in critical weather conditions” After its use for reconstruction of the viaducts, Dermafil 40250 which was certified in 2008 by the Slovenian institute IGMAT, also obtained IDIEM certification from the technical control Laboratory for quality structures of Chile University. For full details regarding the laying methods and certifications of the materials used please contact Casali’s Technical Office.
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