DERMAFIL Certification for trafficable surfaces and road decks

The Casali Membrane Division has obtained yet further international recognition: DERMAFIL 40250 GS Polyester, a bituminous-polymer waterproofing membrane has been awarded IGMAT certification; IGMAT is the most important certification institute for building materials in Slovenia and is an accredited institute of the European Commission. After undergoing the laboratory and technical appraisal tests of the Institute, Dermafil 40250 GS Polyester successfully passed all the evaluation criteria, complying in full with all the parameters provided by the laws on products used for waterproofing trafficable surfaces and road decks (SIST prEN 14695:2006 “Flexible sheets for waterproofing” *). With IGMAT certification, Dermafil, and following the certification awarded to Dermaflex 40180 and Dermabit 4170, the “bestseller” production of the Membrane Division confirms that it is a guarantee of quality of the highest level and recognised reliability. * NOTA: Reinforced bitumen sheets for waterproofing of concrete bridge decks and other concrete surfaces trafficable by vehicles (Membrane rinforzate per l'impermeabilizzazione di ponti in cemento armato e altre superfici trafficabili in cemento)
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