Sudima Hotel, Auckland: Luxury and Eco-Compatibility with Casali Membranes

Yet another prestigious and ecologically advanced project for Casali. Hotel Sudima, a Superior 4-Star hotel with 153 rooms in Auckland, new Zealand, was constructed with the Enduring Quality products of the Membrane Division: white slated CASALI DERMABIT Extra was used to waterproof the entire building while Eradix 40180 was used as root-stop and complementary products were used to finish the roofing system. The hotel was designed in accordance with the highest ecological standards and has a waterproofing system of approximately 2 thousand sq.m. consisting of Dermabit Extra, CASALI’s latest generation APAO polymer-based non-toxic membrane, and innovative waterproofing control ILD EFVM technology. A safe and reliable system which is guaranteed for 20 years. CASALI’s self-protected Dermabit Extra with white slate was chosen for its elasticity, stability and durability as well as for its significant operating thermal field (-20°/+150°) and its completely non-toxic formulation - certified by Branz – which does not contaminate water. Moreover, the white slate self-protection reduces the thermal gradient on the membrane, guaranteeing excellent resistance to UV rays which are very strong in New Zealand due to its geographical position in the Southern hemisphere. The roofing system was completed with the membrane Eradix 40180 which guarantees an efficient seal against water seepage and total resistance to root attack (the membrane is certified by F.L.L. in accordance with German DIN regulations). Reliability and quality are once again confirmed as the strong points of Casali products that meet the requirements of even the most complex and demanding projects, guaranteeing exceptional long-term performance and durability.



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