Double Dermafil for the Waterproofing Project of the biggest Auditorium in Latin America

Impermeabilizzato l’auditorio più grande dell’America Latina

Casali-Advanced Building Technologies is a binomial that has become stronger than ever. The Metropolitan Auditorium of Guadalajara (Mexico), the most modern structure of its kind in Latin America and one of the most innovative and functional Auditoriums in the world, has been waterproofed with products of the Casali Membrane Division. More than 14 thousand sq.m. of metal surface were insulated with a double layer of Dermafil, one of Casali bestseller products (30200 fixed mechanically and 45200 White Slate bonded). The Metropolitan Auditorium is a part of the Guadalajara University Cultural Centre and, thanks to a versatile structure (three mechanical platforms for three separate assembles at the same time) is used for events of many different kinds such as boxing matches, tennis and basketball games, conferences, concerts, ballet, opera as well as ice-skating shows.
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