Self-adhesive reinforced polymer bitumen membrane

ADERIX is a self-adhesive membrane wich has been optimised to meet requirements of professional installer. 

The ADERIX range includes mono and dual-compound membranes with appropriate combinations of mixtures and finishes to meet major use destination.

ADERIX membranes contain seamless strand polyester non-woven fabric reinforcement stabilised with fibreglass threads. This reinforcement ensures excellent mechanical properties and outstanding dimensional stability.

The self-adhesive compound in the ADERIX range of membranes is formulated with:
- with full mass self-adhesive compound featuring reinforced polyester or composite reinforcement aluminium and polyester which acts also as a vapour barrier element. 

- with double APP/self-adhesive coating and stabilized polyester reinforcement with top finish in PE film - natural slate - PP fabric: in all these cases a lateral siliconized head section is laid. 

- with double SBS/self-adhesive coating and stabilized polyester reinforcement with top finish in PE film: in all the products a lateral siliconized head section is laid. 

The use of dual-compound membranes reduces costs while ensuring that the self-adhesive compound is concentrated in the contact face where the membrane is applied thus making it possible to work with compounds having different characteristics.


Aderix AS 2 mm – 2,5 mm – 3* mm dual compound APP/self adhesive for protective underlayer in combination with exposed bituminous membranes  or ballasted systems / Protection layer for rising damp. 

Aderix AS 4* mm dual compound APP/self adhesive for finishing layer under permanent protection in full self-adhesive systems ( e.i. Aderix SS sub-layer) / for details application in single-layer systems of Dermabit FF Single PLY.


Aderix Mineral 3.5 kg – 4 kg dual compound APP/self adhesive  for finishing layer in full self-adhesive systems/Undertile on wooden substates.


Aderix SS 2 mm – 2,5 mm – 3 mm dual compound SBS/self adhesive for underlayer for full double layers self-adhesive systems under heavy protection or exposed in combination with ADERIX MINERAL or ADERIX AS 4 MM with polypropylene fabric finish / Protection layer for rising damp


Aderix 1.5 mm full SA compound for application of insulation board.

Aderix AL 2 mm full SA compound for vapour barrier.

NB: * also available with top finish in polypropylene fabric.

CE Mark


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