Dermabit® FireOff.

Elastoplastomeric membrane (APP-APAO) flame retardant, certified to EN 1187-2 in class Broof T2 (EN 13501-5:2005)

The FireOff technology is the result of CASALI’s research on innovative special additive with high resistance to the propagation of flame.

This has allowed the DERMABIT® POLYESTER MINERAL FIREOFF compound in APP-APAO, to have excellent fire resistance properties.

The special reinforcement ensures excellent mechanical performance and dimensional stability, as well as the obtaining of the classification Broof T2* for exposed one layer applications or multilayer directly applied on flammable and nonflammable substrates. Also suitable under photovoltaic systems with class PV modules 2 of reaction to fire, or equivalent.

* Complies with the general requirements provided by the circular of 04/05/2012 prot. 6334 - 3 cases / at all. B - risck assessment, for the system combination of photovoltaic and roofing cl.2 Broof t2 considering the external fire performance roof class and the fire resistance class.

CE Mark
BROOF T2 (EN 13501-5 Fire Resistance)
White slate


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