Dermarubber S

Solvent based fibre-reinforced bituminous paste, for waterproofing and gluing tiles at the same time

Dermarubber S is an elastomer fibre-reinforced waterproofing paste, consisting of bitumen in solution and special macromolecules that make the cured product, waterproof and particularly elastic. Dermarubber S is formulated for two specific functions: ● As waterproofing: to waterproof concrete, bituminous or metal decks. ● As glue: to glue tiles horizontally, on bituminous waterproofing (prefabricated or liquid membranes), on cement surfaces, on old tiled surfaces, etc. The product should be protected from ultraviolet radiation with a sprinkling of fresh slate chips layer on layer or a specific protective paint (such as Reflex or Reflex AR).

CE Mark


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