Root barrier bituminous membranes FLL certified

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: root-stop waterproofing finish in multi-layer systems for waterproofing garden roofs or decks with vegetation in contact with the structure to be protected.
REINFORCEMENTS: stabilised polyester with different technical performances.
FINISHES: torch-on polyethylene film (PBS), mineral selfprotection in different colours.
PLUS: barrier against the perforating action of roots guaranteed by the addition of a certified additive (complying with EN 13498). High mechanical strength, a wide thermal operating range that may be varied with respect to the type of compound modification (APP/SBS), better indoor temperature and humidity conditions and reduced environmental impact when applied as a waterproofing solution in the presence of vegetation on the roofing. In the 40200 version, the product has successfully passed the 4 year FLL root stop test.

CE Mark
FLL (anti-root)
Natural slate


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