Extender H.

Elastomeric bituminous membrane modified with a SBS rubber

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: Bitumen membrane modified with SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) especially formulated for warm climates, and for areas subject to high temperature fluctuations. Perfect for multi-layer solutions protected from UV rays, in case of roofing subject to micro-settlements, vibrations, cyclic thermal-mechanical expansion and actions in cement, metal or wooden structures, even in case of thick insulation. The versions in HSP reinforcement are ideal for underground waterproofing applications (foundations, retaining walls and heavy under-slabs etc.).
REINFORCEMENTS: A wide range of stabilised polyester TNT reinforcements to meet the design requirements of different technical solutions.
FINISHES: torch-on polyethylene film (PBS), mineral selfprotection in different colours.
PLUS: the perfect balance, between the flexibility at low temperatures of the SBS compounds and the shape stability at high temperatures (-10°C/130°C)** makes Extender H elastomer membranes the most commonly used membranes in countries with hot climates like those in the following areas: Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia and South America. The wide range of Extender H products makes it possible to design and customise even the most complex technical solutions. Extender H compound, is ideal as a root-stop membrane when antiroots additives are added.
** EXTENDER H may be supplied on request with flexibility at low temperatures up to -15°C

CE Mark
Natural slate
White slate
Bourgogne slate
Green slate
Red slate
Dark brown slate


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