Dermabit® - Dermabit® Extra - Casali Dermabit® Extra

Elastoplastomeric membrane based on bitumen modified with APAO polymers (Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefins)

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: single and multi-layer solutions for large commercial and industrial roofing, residential buildings, large metal structures with and without insulation, exposed waterproofing systems mechanically fixed, roofing with photovoltaic panels, waterproofing foundations, retaining walls and large structures in general.

REINFORCEMENTS: polyester with high mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability.

FINISHES: sand, mineral self-protection in different colours.

PLUS: an APAO synthesis engineering polymer based compound that ensures a thermal operating range of -25°C/+150°C, high elasticity, excellent resistance to atmospheric
ageing, perfect joint seal and excellent adhesion to any type of deck, high resistance to mechanical and thermal stress; the family of Dermabit® membranes is certified by
the most prestigious certification institutes such as BBA, ITC, BRANZ and have been used for more than 40 years in more than thirty countries all over the world.

Natural slate
White slate
Bourgogne slate
Green slate
Red slate
Dark brown slate


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