Dermabit® FF Gluty 250

APP-EQ professional membrane for single layer application with glue bonding

Dermabit® is the leading brand of high performance Casali bitumen-polymer membranes, designed for professional application requiring high durability.

The Dermabit® membranes range has obtained the prestigious certification of the BBA (British Board of Agrement for English-speaking areas), the Branz approval (the restrictive body of New Zealand rating) and the Enduring Quality (EQ) Casali certificate through to the more than thirty years tested durability.

From the development of SINGLE-PLY line was born Dermabit® FF Gluty 250 for hot air single-layer application with bonding by glue.

CE Mark
Natural slate
White slate


  • download Dermabit® Single-Ply
  • download Dermabit® FF Gluty 250

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