For the next five years, the indoor home of Italian athletics will take the name of the industrial group. The agreement also involves the Italico Conti field and the entire sports complex.

There is a new name for the Palaindoor in Ancona. The facility in the capital of the Marche region will be called PalaCasali for the next five years. The agreement that officially links the main Italian indoor athletics facility, the traditional venue for national indoor events, to one of the most well-known brands in the sports facilities sector, has been officially presented. The partnership between the Casali Group and the Italian Athletics Federation, managed through the Marche Regional Committee that oversees the sports complex owned by the Municipality of Ancona, involves the entire complex, including the renovated outdoor Italico Conti field and the surrounding green area. It's an alliance between two entities in the social, economic, and sports fabric of the regional territory, known internationally for their activities, with a shared interest in enhancing and maximizing initiatives.

The presentation was attended by the president of the FIDAL Marche Regional Committee, Simone Rocchetti, and the general manager of the Casali group, Mauro Moreschi, along with the councillor delegated to sports facilities of the Municipality of Ancona, Daniele Berardinelli, the councillor for educational policies of the Municipality of Ancona, Antonella Andreoli, and the president of CONI Marche, Fabio Luna. Two Marche athletes were present: Simone Barontini from Ancona, a semi-finalist in the World Championships and already a European under-23 champion in the 800 meters, and Elisabetta Vandi from Pesaro, a multiple national youth champion and Italian under-20 record holder in the 400 meters.

"The Palaindoor in Ancona is undoubtedly the home of Italian athletics in the winter season - words from the message coming from FIDAL President Stefano Mei - and has become famous worldwide as the place where Gimbo Tamberi has built his memorable achievements. We welcome with pleasure this new partnership, another sign of how athletics is attractive to companies and investors in such a brilliant moment for the movement, in terms of visibility, personalities, and successes. We can't wait for February to award the tricolor jerseys in a PalaCasali that will be even more beautiful and avant-garde."

"A new chapter in the history of the Palaindoor in Ancona is opening," says Simone Rocchetti, president of the FIDAL Marche Regional Committee. "It continues to grow thanks to the important agreement with a local company active worldwide. We are proud to have a partner of this level by our side to share a common project and a synergistic vision. Soon we will have new equipment for high jump and pole vaulting, to be used in the first competitions of the year. Together, we look to the future, with a multi-year agreement for PalaCasali that supports the entire athletics movement."

"The motivations that led us to accept the proposal are multiple and all extremely valid," says Mauro Moreschi, general manager of Casali. "What we care about most is certainly our willingness, as a local entity sensitive to the world of sports, where we are present as producers of technical surfaces, to contribute to the continuous growth of professional sports in the Marche region. And we have decided to do so by ensuring the necessary resources for the management and organization of activities and events, for the next years, both within PalaCasali and the entire Sports Complex, of which PalaCasali is the heart. Our goal is, in fact, to enhance and promote regional and national athletics, bringing about greater involvement of young sports talents who can pursue their dreams and give us new great emotions, as the wonderful champions who bring prestige to our region continue to do."

Satisfied with the councillor delegated to sports facilities of the Municipality of Ancona, Daniele Berardinelli: "It's a meeting between excellences, like Palaindoor and Casali, with athletes who testify to how important it is to have such a structure to bring out the champions of the future. In a moment like this, the intervention of a sponsor is fundamental. And there is a strong commitment from the Municipality of Ancona, which has been alongside FIDAL for a long time, also for the outdoor Italico Conti field." The councillor for educational policies of the Municipality of Ancona, Antonella Andreoli, emphasizes: "This facility is widely used by schools, which, through an agreement with the Municipality, can use it in the morning. It is a 'zero-kilometer' partnership with a local company, from which new sports excellences can emerge."

"Every time at Palaindoor, there is something more," highlights Fabio Luna, president of CONI Marche. "We are experiencing a good moment for sports in the Marche region and Italy, the result of the work of recent years and the commitment to create a team that shares a path linked not only to results but to what sports represent in growing a community."

"To see Palaindoor associated with an important company is something wonderful, it's amazing!" exclaims Simone Barontini, a true Ancona native. "I started attending this facility when I was little, almost by chance, and it's a blessing to be able to train here. Feeling the roar of the crowd during competitions, so strong that it makes the track tremble, is wonderful. And now the Italico Conti surface has just been redone, which is even more important for me. In the last period, I had some minor physical hiccups, but I can't wait to be 100 percent."

"For me, it's an honor to be present on this occasion," smiles Elisabetta Vandi, "and it's a pride to be from Marche, as I have the opportunity to train and compete in a fabulous facility that all of Italy envies. After a few difficult years, I am settling down, and I am optimistic for the new season."